The purpose of Lion’s Zen is to support children’s well-being by sharing the values of yoga, inspiring creativity and building community.

In each Lion’s Zen session we learn yoga through creative movement, mindfulness, stories, games and crafts. We empower children by providing them with the life skills and tools for their emotional, mental and physical development.

We believe in creating a non-competitive environment that nurtures connection, sparks imagination and promote peace and diversity. We explore mindfulness in a fun way that empowers children with tools and life skills that help to build confidence, reduce anxiety and reach their full potential.

Jade teaches yoga for people of all ages in the community and is dedicated to improving well-being through yoga and mindfulness. She has been practicing yoga since 2007 and has travelled to India to continue studying each year. Jade qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 2013 and started teaching shortly afterwards and she then developed her studies further by completing a 2 year diploma with The British Wheel of Yoga.

Jade has a natural ability to connect with children and finds their playfulness and wonder very inspiring. In 2017 Jade graduated as a Primary School Teacher specialising in the early years and Key Stage 1.

During her teacher training, Jade realised that her passion was children’s well- being rather than their academic achievement and since then she has trained with The Special Yoga Centre in London for Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness. Jade is dedicated to inspiring children in their own self- discovery and providing safe and nurturing spaces that bring them back home to themselves. Jade is continuing professional development in many areas and studying further with The Special Yoga Centre for children with autism and ADHD and specialist mindfulness training with the Paws.b programme.


Jade offers breakfast and after school clubs as well as nurture groups. These usually hold up to 12 children per session. These sessions include yoga, mindfulness, relaxation and a sharing circle to build emotional intelligence.

Sessions can also be delivered as part of the Physical Education curriculum with the emphasis on movement, building strength and flexibility.

Yoga for Teachers

Teachers often experience high levels of stress due to the pressure to perform and meet certain standards. Regular yoga and mindfulness classes for teachers results in a calmer, more light-hearted classroom which makes learning more fun for both students and teachers.


Yoga sessions for children’s parties incorporate games, stories, bubbles, crafts, music, dancing and relaxation. Gold, Silver and Bronze packages available.

One-To-One Sessions

One to one sessions are for all children and are especially beneficial for children with additional needs and their families. With the individual child as the core focus in each session, we are able to adapt and focus on their specific needs using yoga and mindfulness tools to help gain confidence and reach their full potential.


Mental health problems are on the rise in children and young people.

According to youngminds.org.uk, 1 in 10 children have a diagnosable mental health disorder – that’s roughly 3 children in every classroom.

  • 1 in 5 young adults have a diagnosable mental health disorder
  • Half of all mental health problems manifest by the age of 14, with 75% by age 24
  • Almost 1 in 4 children and young people show some evidence of mental ill health (including anxiety and depression)
  • 1 in 3 adult mental health conditions relate directly to adverse childhood experiences
  • Just 0.7% of the NHS budget is spent on children’s mental health and only 16% of this is spent on early intervention

The government has published proposals to improve mental health support for children and young people in England.

Current research has show that yoga therapy and mindfulness based interventions reduce depressive moods, build grey matter in the brain, relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety and improve learning, memory and other cognitive functions.

Evidence Based Research

Here is a list of links to recent research that provides evidence on the therapeutic effects of yoga and mindfulness with children.

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