Breathe, Move, Be

About Yoga

Walking the path home to yourself...

Yoga is a process of self-discovery and letting go. It is an ancient practice designed to bring our awareness into the present moment. When we are present, we are able to go beyond our thoughts, feelings and emotions to connect with a deeper sense of peace, which is our true nature.

Jade’s classes are embedded with her broad knowledge of philosophy; encouraging yoga as a way of life with a view to improving our relationship with ourselves and others. Each session uses a holistic approach to release patterns and blockages in order to restore harmony thus leading to better health, self-esteem and confidence.

These time-tested practices empower us with the tools to help us re-connect with ourselves and reach our full potential. When we find our centre we are able to respond to life from a place of deeper awareness and authenticity.

About Jade

Jade began her yoga journey in 2007 when she left the UK with a curiosity and yearning for a deeper sense of meaning and self-acceptance. She continued to seek out different styles of yoga whilst travelling in New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia.

Her passion then led her to the foothills of the Himalayas in India to study more intensively with an emphasis on Yogic philosophy. Through these teachings Jade began to experience a profound sense of peace and connection to her higher self. It was here that Jade witnessed Odissi dance, one of the classical art forms of India and she was deeply moved to pursue this path.

Jade discovered that Odissi dance and Yoga come from the same Vedic system and share the same purpose, that of connecting to an inner divine light.

Jade's classes contain the essence of her eclectic studies with various traditions often finishing with a sprinkle of aromatherapy and reiki.

Jade believes in the innate wisdom of the body and encourages her students to listen to this wisdom, embracing their bodies and their intuition as their greatest teacher. She promotes the benefits of a self-care practice and shares tools to inspire others on their path.

Jade is qualified with The Registered Yoga Alliance (200 hours) and holds a Diploma with The British Wheel of Yoga (2016). She is also attuned to Reiki healing (Level 2). Jade is a qualified Primary School Teacher and is extremely passionate about improving the wellbeing of children and families both in schools and in the community through the Lion’s Zen Project.